AA Market Plus ETF Model Portfolio

AA Market Plus – An ETF Model Portfolio

AA Market Plus – A Growth Model Portfolio

Market Plus Cumulative Returns vs. The Market (S&P 500)


AA MARKET PLUS (ETFs Only) data by YCharts

Market Plus Is Beating The S&P 500 Since 2003

The Market Plus investment team has outperformed the market by identifying the segments of the market we believe have the greatest growth potential. We believe investors both small and large, have the ability to use the Market Plus Portfolio to crush Wall Street returns over time!

Cumulative Returns of a $10,000 Investment in Market Plus


AA MARKET PLUS (ETFs Only) data by YCharts

Portfolio Objective:

The Market Plus portfolio was developed as an easy-to-follow buy-and-hold growth model. It uses low-cost ETFs which are widely available at multiple online brokers. This is a growth model so it will have a higher risk than more moderate portfolios.

How and Why This Model Works:

At the core of this model is exposure to broad market indices where investors get exposure to the overall market. Then through our research, and years of investing, we have identified and broken down the segments of the broader market into what are known in the investment community as “sectors” of the market.

Like in sports you have an offense and defense. The same is true with the sectors of the market. There are sectors that are known for doing well when the market is going up (offense) and others that perform better when the market is going down or sideways (defensive).

We broke each sector down into offense, defense, and non-directional.

For our AA Market Plus model portfolio, we are investing in the broad market indexes and the offensive sectors of the market. Since our research shows 70% of the time the market exhibits favorable conditions for growth, we want to focus on the segments of the market that have the highest probability of favorable returns, all based on our own research.

Model Portfolio Returns Throughout Time

Year-to-Date Portfolio Returns in Market Plus


AA MARKET PLUS (ETFs Only) data by YCharts

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