What’s with the name Advising Alpha?

First, it is hard to find a catchy-sounding domain name that easily rolls off your tongue these days. Secondarily, both words have a meaning behind the purpose of this site.

Advising – This is what I do on a day-to-day basis. As a licensed Financial Advisor, I help people make smart decisions with their money. I have a passion for sharing my knowledge with others and helping them get ahead.

Much to my surprise, I was voted “most likely to be a teacher at my high school” when my high school classmates voted on senior superlatives. While most of them probably saw me as the baseball or football coach (or possibly a history teacher), I genuinely love helping others.

Alpha – The word alpha has many meanings. For the purposes of this website, alpha represents growth. Growth professionally, financially, and personally. My goal for Advising Alpha is to help all of us grow in our personal, financial, and professional lives.

This is where the name and meaning of ADVISING ALPHA came from.

Who’s Behind Advising Alpha?

Kern Campbell, Financial Advisor, Investor, Personal Finance, Investor, Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Kern Campbell!

I researched and purchased my first two stocks at the age of 12. I studied and day-traded my way through college while earning my undergraduate degree in business. I went on to earn my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and spent a handful of years in the corporate world before the realization that I was meant to be a professional investor.

I’ve made a career of managing money professionally and providing financial advice since 2007. I still manage money today for individual and institutional investors through my firm Financial Analysts.

At Financial Analysts, I am responsible for the firm’s overall investment approach, including the execution and oversight of research and portfolio management activities. I am in charge of the development, implementation, and continual improvement of all investment programs, in addition to new investment solutions when needed.

Why Trust Advising Alpha?

Advising Alpha was created to provide sound financial advice and answer your most pressing questions about investing, savings, and personal finance. We want to help you grow by providing you with a solid foundation of time-tested financial principles that will help you navigate today’s challenging economic environment.

After 14+ years in the financial business, and having a mentor who spent over 43 years in the business, I have learned and seen a lot over the years. Advising Alpha is my way of sharing my experience with others regardless of where you are on your personal financial journey.